Hosting A Website

Hi!  I am Eugene Lumanlan.

You probably got into my website because you are looking for information on how to host a website, how to host a website on your own or perhaps you are looking for ways to host a website. There are actually a lot of methods that you can try and do for your website or for your client website.

I know I am not the best guy who knows all of that information, but I can say that I think I know a few to share and we might probably have a little exchange of thoughts about it.

If you see, google offers a lot of ways to do it, but to this site as much as possible, we will try to make things easier for you by setting the mood to a free and open discusstion.  I will be open to discuss things with you to the sharpest possilbe(dumbest to brightest that i can), and probably would ask you of things you know about hosting a website.

So throw your questions at me, and I will throw mine and we will work things out!


by the way, thanks for dropping by! :D